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Pilates is a gentle exercise method centered on the strengthening of the deep muscles - the postural muscles - which take part in the balance of the body and support the spine. The main accent in this work is laid on the alignment of the bones, on body awareness and on concentration. The body is taken as a whole; the search of form and flexibility goes hand in hand with a mental and perceptive work connected with the movements. Through a series of various exercises carried out either on a mat or with the basic Pilates equipement, the so-called “reformer", the joints are moved slowly, with fluidity and at the pace of breathing.

The regular practice of Pilates exercices enhances the strength and the control of the body, ensures a good balance of postural muscles and reshapes the silhouette with a minimum of strain on the joints. It will improve the stability of your trunk, the coordination of your movments, the awareness of your body, the control of your center and of your breathing. The benefits will be an enhanced posture, better flexibility, as well as firmer and flatter stomach muscles. Besides it strengthens the whole body and will provide you with a greater resistance to injuries.

The method is based on the following fundamental principles:
- centering and alignment
- control, precision and coordination
- breathing and concentration
- fluidity of the movements and flexibility

You can learn Pilates either in group classes, known as “matwork sessions”, or in private or semi-private sessions with the basic Pilates equipment, i.e. with the “reformer”. The latter consists of a metal framework on which a plate is sliding; the plate is retained by springs and moved by pulleys and other accessories.